Season 2012

Wild Surmise


Alex searches for life on a distant moon; Daniel begs an answer of the poets they cannot provide.  And while attentions are elsewhere, a marriage melts into memory. Dorothy Porter’s verse novel shifts from the vastness of space to the minute gaps between us.

Love may come undone, but like light from a long-dead star its radiance can continue to move us. The late Porter is such a light, still illuminating Australia’s literary landscape. Wild Surmise is a conversation, and it is its maker’s inimitable voice ringing out among the many, both real and imagined, that chorus in this evocative work.

Marion Potts and Jane Montgomery Griffiths last worked together on 2010’s Sappho… in 9 Fragments. They now realise this essentially Melbourne epic, in a work that reminds us that great poetry is not a thing, but an action.

★★★★ 1/2 ‘A luminous production that uses every element of theatrical craft to magnify the brilliance of a major Australian poet.’ 


'Montgomery Griffiths’s performance is outstanding; like her wit and intellect, the virtuosity of her superb physical and vocal skills do not serve as masks so much as tools to excavate the unmediated rawness of feeling ... Not to be missed.' 

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Based on the verse novel by / Dorothy Porter
Devised by / Jane Montgomery Griffiths
Directed by / Marion Potts
Composition and Sound Design /Jethro Woodward
Lighting Design / Paul Jackson
Performed by / Humphrey Bower, Jane Montgomery Griffiths
Stage Manager / Alice Fleming

Photography by / Gareth Oriander