Season 2014

The Good Person of Szechuan

// is tested by fortune.

The Good Person of Szechuan / is kind to three homeless strangers, taking them in when no one else would despite her own poverty. After the strangers reveal themselves to be gods, they reward Shen Te for her altruism with a small tobacco shop – an opportunity to turn her life around. But soon the shop is overrun with mooching townsfolk all wanting their piece. Too sweet to defend herself and her assets, Shen Te develops an alter-ego – her pushy male ‘cousin’, Shui Ta. As ethics dissolve, goodness is defiled and wickedness rewarded.

In the hands of avant-garde Chinese theatre-maker Meng Jinghui, Bertolt Brecht’s morality play about the exploitative power of capitalism will erupt as a cross-cultural, and entirely contemporary, theatre experience. With an exceptional cast including burlesque sensation Moira Finucane, and music performed live by THE SWEATS, The Good Person of Szechuan questions one person’s ability to remain good when she / is tested by fortune.

★★★★ The cast is exceptional, throwing itself into the demands of the show with a sense of almost reckless courage ... Meng’s tough and often very funny production, punctuated by contemporary songs, drags Brecht’s imaginary Szechuan into the 21st century.

— The Guardian

The type of show we are perpetually on the lookout for. Get a ticket now – you will kick yourself if you miss it!

— Stage Whispers

It’s an inspired choice and a firecracker of a production ... coarse, funny, cheeky, and hugely entertaining.

— Australian Book Review

Meng’s works, each more stunning than the last, all bear the mark of a Meng-style passion about life, rebellion, humor and satire. His achievements have earned him the reputation of being both popular and avant-garde, a rare feat in the world of art.

— Beijing Review
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By / Bertolt Brecht
New translation / Tom Wright
Direction / Meng Jinghui
Assistant Direction / Felix Ching Ching Ho
Set and Costume / Marg Horwell

Composition and Sound Design / THE SWEATS
Lighting / Richard Vabre
Mandarin Translation & Surtitles / Nina Wei
Cast / 
Aljin Abella, Moira Finucane, Daniel Frederiksen, Genevieve Giuffre, Bert LaBonté, Emily Milledge, Genevieve Morris, Josh Price, Richard Pyros

Proudly supported by Maureen and Tony Wheeler, Playking Foundation and Sidney Myer Fund.

Key image photography / Brett Goldsmith
Trailer direction / Sunny Leunig