Season 2012

Pompeii, L.A.

// Los Angeles is burning. And he’s enjoying the view


Take a seat next to that child star. You know the one. Used-up, spat-out and stuck on the fast-track to self-destruction. But now he’s tearing the whole world down with him.

Declan Greene, one of this generation’s most electric playwrights, creates a schizoid eulogy for the American empire, where personal psychology is blurred with the world of the silver screen. Los Angeles is erupting, a damaged young mind scrambles for an escape route and Judy Garland is guiding the way.

Director Matthew Lutton transforms this febrile feat of imagination into a series of spectacular acts that refuse all categorisation, creating a hilarious plummet into the anxieties and hysteria of a culture that is turning itself inside out.

Anyone who thinks theatre can’t be as potent, mind-blowing and time-bending as the best of David Lynch needs to see this. It’s a game- changer ... Pompeii, L.A. is a masterpiece in staging, design (Nick Schlieper) and sound (David Franzke). It’s elusive, addictive and harrowing. It may not be for everyone, but it is no less unmissable for that.’

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By / Declan Greene
Directed by / Matthew Lutton
Set & Lighting Design / Nick Schlieper

Costume Design / Mel Page

Composition and Sound Design / David Franzke
Performed By/ David Harrison, Belinda McClory, Tony Nikolakopoulos, Luke Ryan, Anna Samson, Greg Stone
Stage Manager / Lisa Osborn
Assistant Stage Manager / Neole Goss