Season 2012

On the Misconception of Oedipus


Oedipus story ends: he murders his father and unwittingly marries his mother. But where did this shattering tragedy begin?

On the Misconception of Oedipus turns its eye to Jocasta and Laius, the parents who birthed a child that would bring about their downfall, and in so doing brought into the world more than a man — they created a myth.

Can we really say what Oedipus’ crime was? Attempting to recreate the true turn of events may actually be an impossible task, as memories lie, and unseen forces (call it science or blame it on the gods) will always shape our destiny.

This unprecedented take on one of history’s most enduring legends, is a theatrically fearless and unexpected excavation into the murky love that built a tragedy.

‘Under Matthew Lutton’s direction, Schlusser and Herbert develop a commanding eloquence and rhythm.’


'Matthew Lutton may be the country’s most passionate and ambitious stage director.'

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Devised by / Zoe Atkinson, Matthew Lutton and Tom Wright
Text / Tom Wright
Directed by / Matthew Lutton
Set and Costume Design / Zoe Atkinson
Lighting Design / Paul Jackson
Composition and Sound Design / Kelly Ryall
Performed by / Natasha Herbert, Richard Pyros, Daniel Schlusser 

Co-produced with Perth Theatre Company

Developed in the Engine Room thanks to support by CAL Cultural Fund.

Photography by / Garth Oriander