Season 2013

Hard Rubbish

// It’s tough to compete with a slender, blonde Scandinavian!


The furniture gets furious in this new show for the whole family from the award-winning Men of Steel. Soon to be replaced by Swedish flat-packs armed with allen keys, a pile of unloved old furniture learns it’s destined for the council tip. As the hour of their removal approaches, the hard rubbish comes out swinging against their Nordic counterparts. With wrestling armchairs and pirate toilets, this will be a battle for the ages!

Bringing new meaning to the term ‘moving house’, these wildly inventive object puppeteers will have the young, and young at heart, rethinking the most ordinary household objects.

A tale of reusing and recycling, Hard Rubbish playfully questions our 21st Century habit of acquiring shiny new item after the latest toy. With a little creativity there might be more life in our old goods yet!

It's all so delightful and crazily inventive … Beg, borrow or steal a child if you have to. Or, damn it, just steel yourself and go it alone.

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Original Concept by / Men of steel              
Lighting and Sound Design / Jared Lewis
Director / Ian Pidd                                          
Stage Manager / Tia Clark
Created by / Hamish Fletcher, Jared Lewis, Phillip Mcinnes, ian Pidd, Tamara Rewse, sam Routledge & Malia Walsh           
Performers / Hamish Fletcher, Phillip Mcinnes, Tamara Rewse & Malia Walsh

A co-production with Strut & Fret & Men of Steel. 
The 2013 Company in Residence, Men of Steel, is supported by The Danielle & Daniel Besen Foundation.

Key image photographty by Scottie Cameron.
Art Direction  / Chase & Galley