Season 2012



Throughout history the circus in all of its forms has returned obsessively, incessantly, to the strangest and most mystifying animal of all: the human.

Now, Australia’s world-famously inventive and intelligent proponent of the form is presented by Malthouse Theatre in a performance that stretches the limits of what bodies can be. Provocative, affecting and always unexpected, CIRCA dispenses with the hoopla and cuts straight to the quick. KEEP UP!

Mind-bending aerial displays, unfettered acrobatics and the slap and shudder of bodies pushed to extremes — all there, but this is no mindless diversion. Dragging the language of traditional circus arts kicking and screaming into the relentless throb of the twenty-first century, Circa creates spectacle that somehow speaks to something deeper: our need for connection, our fears of failure and hopes for triumph, and to the spaces we inevitably share.

‘Without uttering a word for 75 minutes, CIRCA manages to speak more FLuently than many text-based theatre pieces. Very articulate circus indeed’


'White-hot, funny and sexy these are super-human acrobats masquerading as mere mortals.'

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Created by / Yaron Lifschitz and the Circa Ensemble
Artistic Director / Yaron Lifschitz
Performed by / Nathan Boyle, Jessica Connell, Daniel Crisp, Jarred Dewey, Todd Kilby, Alice Muntz, Brittannie Portelli
Producer / Danielle Kellie
Tour Manager/Director / Sally Blackwood and Diane Stern
Technical Director/Lighting Designer / Jason Organ
Production Manager / Mark Middleton
Costume Designer / Libby McDonnell

Toured by Performing Lines for Road Work, with the support of the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, and through the national performing arts touring program, Playing Australia.

Photography by / Justin Nicholas