In partnership with SAARI Collective, join an intimate evening of conversation with a diverse group of artists who will share the impact of identity in storytelling as a writer, actor and director.

Drawing on their experiences in the industry, panellists will discuss how community and culture has impacted the development of their careers and their theatre-making practice, and how they imagine the future of the industry. Audience members will be invited to engage in conversation with each other and the artists in small groups during the second hour.

Hosted by performer, director, and dramaturg Sonya Suares, the panel includes Malthouse Resident Artist Ra Chapman, playwright and poet Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa, dancer and artistic director Priya Srinivasan, playwright and improvisor Aran Thangaratnam, and actors from Malthouse Theatre's production of Because The Night Tahlee Fereday, Artemis Ioannides and Khisraw Jones-Shukoor.

Join us as we consider the intersection between identity and storytelling. 


A Malthouse Theatre event in partnership with SAARI Collective. This event is supported through the John T Reid Charitable Trusts.


Sonya Suares Host
Ra Chapman Panellist
Tahlee Fereday Panellist
Artemis Ioannides Panellist
Khisraw Jones-Shukoor Panellist
Aran Thangaratnam Panellist
Priya Srinivasan Panellist
Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa Panellist

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Dates & Times

Online Panel Wed 20 Oct - 6pm – 8pm


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Event notes


This conversation is unscripted. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands audience members are cautioned that the discussion may include the names or references to people who have passed away.