Content Warnings & Additional Information

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Malthouse Theatre is a new work company, meaning that a lot of our productions are being written and rehearsed in-house, before premiering on one of our stages. 

A lot can change along the journey from concept to production, as scripts are redrafted, actors make discoveries, designers bring in new elements, and directors make big changes right up to Opening Night. 

We publish content warnings for all our shows to give you an idea of what to expect, and we update this information throughout rehearsals as the show takes shape. 

We do our best to warn you well in advance regarding what you’re about to see, but it’s important to be aware that things may change at the last minute.

You’ll find age recommendations and content warnings here on our website, pre-show emails, in your program and in the foyer on the night. If you do like to know what you’re in for, check back in here for the latest information. 

If you have further questions, you can always email or call us before your visit, or speak to our Box Office and Front of House teams on the night for more information or advice.

Education Bookings / if you would like to discuss any of these warnings further please contact our Education team /



All warnings are subject to change, please check back closer to the time of performance for an updated list of potentially sensitive content.

Coarse language  

This production contains occasional coarse language.


Fake Fish 

Fake goldfish are used in the production. They are seen swimming, and appear to die onstage. These are toys – they are not real, and no goldfish were harmed in the making of this production.


Partial Nudity 

One female actor is topless for less than a minute, while changing her clothes.


Reference to Suicide 

At the play’s climax, the lead character questions whether she should kill herself, but does not do so. The reference is blunt but brief.

Adoption Themes 

This play focusses on the character’s experiences as an intercultural adoptee, as an adult and as a child, with a degree of emotional intensity.

Haze Effect 

This production uses a haze effect.

Mild Coarse Language 

The characters use only occasional coarse language, including a few racist slurs.

Loud sounds

There will be some loud sounds used in the production.  



This production may contain full nudity.