15 September 2017

Who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Richard Piper. I’m a Melbourne stage actor. This is, near enough, my 50th production in this city. I have four children and live in North Melbourne.

Tell us about the character(s) you play in Black Rider.

I play Bertram the Forester who spends the show trying to talk the cast and audience out of making a pact with the Devil. Guess who wins?

Favourite Black Rider line/song?

‘A man has to watch his onions.

Cos if you don’t the Devil will get them.

Your garlic is safe.’

What deal would you make with the Devil?

An actress once introduced me to everyone at a big Sydney Theatre Company party saying, ‘ladies and gentlemen – the Devil.’ I rest my case.

Waits or Burroughs?

Waits. I trust him. I don't trust William S. Burroughs. Would you trust a man who persuaded his wife to take part in a reenactment of the William Tell fable by putting an apple on her head, missing the target and shooting her through the head?

Team Pegleg or Team Wilhelm?

Neither. Pegleg's the Devil, Wilhelm makes a pact with him. Keep away from both, go to the Malthouse Theatre bar and order a drink from an Angel. 

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