15 September 2017

Who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am voting ‘yes’, that's who I am. I worry about the young gay men who are suffering at the hands of the evil Liberals, that's who I am. As an Australian artist, I am an activist. Just by stepping onto stages for 35 years in Australia and the world makes me an activist, because if I believed what the media and the culture I live in is trying to tell me about myself—I shouldn't exist—that's who I am. 

Tell us about the character(s)you play in Black Rider.

I play Man On The Stag, Georg Schmid and A Fury.

Favourite Black Rider line/song?

November is my favourite song and I get to sing it. Favourite line: ‘Now a man figures it's his bullet, so it will hit what he wants it to hit, but it don't always work out that way’. 

What deal would you make with the Devil? 

 Anything to rid the world of the nasty Trump or the equally nasty Tony Abbott. 

Waits or Burroughs?


Team Pegleg or Team Wilhelm?

Both. Mainly because I adore Kanen Breen and Meow Meow – what's not to love about them? I feel for both characters. Wilhelm is just another dude trying to prove himself in a world dominated by lunatic white men. 

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