Meet Fayssal Bazzi / BLASTED

22 August 2018

Tell us a bit about yourself. What was it that made you want to be an actor?

I moved to this country when I was three and a half years old and spoke Arabic and French at the time. Learning English was hard until I had a wonderful teacher in Year 2 that asked me to 'show her what I wanted' if I couldn’t communicate it another way. Then one day she said, 'you’re really great at that Fayssal, you should be an actor'. And I never thought of being anything else :)

Were you familiar with Sarah Kane’s work before joining this production? Why does Blasted feel like an important story to tell now?

I didn’t known much about Sarah Kane before signing on for this play, but after reading Blasted I feel it is still as relevant today as it was in 1995 – dealing with the many atrocities committed at war, as well as domestic violence and the #MeToo movement.

How did you get inside your character for Blasted?

I’ve found getting inside my character's head particularly challenging, and it’s required me to go to a dark place and tap into a world that’s uncomfortable for most of us to fathom. But our director Anne-Louise Sarks and Malthouse Theatre have been great throughout this process, always putting our health and well-being at top priority. 

What has it been like working with director Anne-Louise Sarks? How have you found the process in the rehearsal room as an actor?

Annie-Lou is one of my favourite directors to work with—I’d do a panto on the moon with her if she asked me to. 

In theatre today, what inspires you?

I’m inspired by theatre that makes me think. Doesn't really matter what about, as long as it engages with you. 

Don't miss Fayssal Bazzi in Blasted, playing 24 Aug – 16 Sep. 

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