MEET ARIELLE GRAY / Picnic At Hanging Rock

5 February 2018

What is your favourite line in the script?

There are so many good ones! I really enjoy ‘it’s too rude’ said by Edith who was ‘not in line when charm was being distributed’. I love all of the beautiful descriptive language;

She wants to see the balancing boulders
Smoothed by time
Caught in the moment
Between liquid and dust

How does it feel to perform a quintessentially Australian work in a British context?

I think the play captures the Australian natural landscape battling with traditional British ideas of civilisation, so I already think it has a British context in that way. 

In the industry today, what inspires you?

So many things. Mostly just when I see a show that really hits me. But also, people. Everyone working on Picnic is inspiring; hard working, wonderful creative minds, exceptionally talented, smart and supportive and caring of both the show and of each other.

What do you think happened at Hanging Rock?

A part of me really enjoys the alien abduction theory...  But I think that in our story—the land reclaims them.