MEET AMBER MCMAHON / Picnic At Hanging Rock

5 February 2018

What is your favourite line in the script?

For it is that moment of the day,
That warm thickness of afternoon 
When one is neither awake nor asleep 
When the heart is open and the imagination wide

How does it feel to perform a quintessentially Australian work in a British context?

There’s a great sense of legacy in performing this piece in the land our language and culture sprang from; the very language and culture that sits so uneasy in this play. It’s an honour, albeit rather intimidating, to give voice to a story that wrestles with Australia’s identity, past and present. 

In the industry today, what inspires you?

I’m inspired by fellow artists and the communal experience of theatre. I love how theatre teaches us collectively to renegotiate the world and our place in it. Sharing that with great storytellers is inspiring, and the team on Picnic is definitely that. Generous, thoughtful, passionate and hardworking. 

What do you think happened at Hanging Rock?

The monolith is silent and there is no answer.