Matthew Lutton on I Am a Miracle

14 July 2015

Matt Lutton, director of I Am a Miracle, talks about the powerful story behind the show.

Director's Note / I Am a Miracle

‘Whoever allows for the idea of beginning must also allow for that of the end; as for the forgetting of the past, necessary for every true re-beginning, it is incompatible with any prefiguration of the future.’ - Marc Augé

I am writing this note in the final week of rehearsals. There are only three performers in the room, but Declan Greene’s new play is monumental. Melita Jurisic is rehearsing the story of a Dutch boy from the 18th Century, Bert La Bonté is a man who becomes imprisoned in his own home, and Hana Lee Crisp is singing out as an archangel of justice. 

I Am a Miracle is a play for Marvin Lee Wilson – an African American man with an IQ of 61, who was executed by lethal injection in Texas in 2012. What occurred in Texas was a miscarriage of justice. American offenders with an IQ under 70 are considered mentally disabled, which meant Wilson should have been disqualified from the death penalty. But through a manoeuvring of legal technicalities, the state was able to disregard this legislation and execute him. Each of the stories is about a miscarriage of justice. They are about the ways our laws protect some and exclude others. As we rehearse, the ongoing lack of legal repercussions for Indigenous deaths in custody and the thousands of refugees currently imprisoned in Australia make the stories in I Am a Miracle strike a harrowing chord. 

But Declan has also presented us all with a magnificent challenge – to imagine a miracle. What could bring about an end to these onging, repetitious cycles of trauma and injustice? 

I can’t create a real miracle in the theatre – even though we’re trying to rehearse one every day. But it is vital that we try to imagine one. By dreaming of the impossible, by dreaming of a new beginning and radical justice, maybe, just maybe, we will begin to collectively unlock theimagination required to make this an actuality.

– Matthew Lutton
Director of I Am a Miracle

I Am a Miracle plays from 18 July to 9 August. Book tickets here.