Little Emperors / The response

20 February 2017

Little Emperors has officially opened, and it is making quite a splash in the media and amongst audiences.

Part of the inaugural Asia TOPA Festival, Little Emperors is an experimental theatre work that explores the repercussions of China’s One Child Policy and the pampered children that are a product of the world's largest social experiment. 


‘[Diana (Xiaojie)] Lin is a riot, her acting is comical, vivid and touching, and entirely without cliche.’
— Chris Boyd, The Australian 

Read The Australian review here.


‘Brilliant direction, concept and design make it easy to see why Wang Chong is regarded as such a rising theatrical talent in China.’
Cameron Woodhead, The Age ★ ★ ★ ★

Read The Age review here.

‘About once to twice a year, I see a show I know I am going to rave about for years to come - it’s early in 2017 but this is my hot pick for the show I cannot forget, and cannot stop talking about.’
— Ellen Burgin, Theatrepeople ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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On Social Media

The social media sphere is buzzing with chatter about Little Emperors and we are thrilled to share what our audiences have been saying.

'@malthousetheatre #littleemperors brilliant theatre. Beautifully written by Lachlan Philpott and directed by Wang Chong. Tragic story of families under the China one child policy. A must see.'
—Lifes Never Ending Journal, via Instagram

'#LittleEmperors at @MalthouseMelb will be a highlight of my 2017 in theatre. Powerful and evocative. Brilliant sound & set design. #AsiaTOPA'
—Myron My, via Twitter

'Please please PLEASE do yourself a favour and check out the play Little Emperors at @malthousetheatre from now until [26] February. It's an incredibly beaitiful play about the far reaching effects of the One Child Policy in China that seamlessly blends drama and comedy. I sobbed three times and will definitely be heading down to watch it again. There are only a few productions that I will continue to talk about for years after I've seen them, and this is most definitely one of them.'
— Janelle Dazzle Pants, via Instagram

In the Media

‘The impact is directly in the people; in us, in the habit, how we live.’
— Director Wang Chong, as he discusses the effects of being raised as a ‘little emperor’ in a recent interview with ABC News Breakfast.

Watch & read about the interview here.

Wang Chong and actors Alice Qin and Yuchen Wang joined Georgie Moodie on Radio National ABC. Together they talk about the concept of Little Emperors, the development process, China’s One Child Policy, and perform exclusive segments of the play.

Listen to the radio broadcast here.

Be sure not to miss out on this gem of a play, which has left audiences feeling profoundly moved and enlightened.

Little Emperors is showing at The Coopers Malthouse until the 26 of February.