Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday: the actors and the subjects

15 October 2014

Perhaps the most unique thing about Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday is its script – there is nothing fictional about the show's dialogue. Taken verbatim from recorded interviews, it is completely true to life – every word, breath and vocal nuance.

On top of that is the juxtaposition of actor and voice. A man in his seventies enacts the birthday speech of an 18 year old girl. An Australian in his early twenties speaks the memories of an Italian woman in her nineties. These contrary pairings reveal commonalities in the human experience that resonate beyond the facades of nationality, gender and age.

So at last week's community preview we took advantage of having everyone in the room and snapped a few of our interviewees with their on-stage counterparts. 

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Photography / Piper Huynh