The Besen Family Artist Program

Supported by the Besen Family Foundation

About the Besen Family Artist Program

The Besen Family Artist Program is offered as professional development for early to mid-career artists who seek experience in observing specific productions or ongoing artistic work within a mainstage theatre company. Now in its 14th year, this program has cultivated a new generation of ambitious theatre-makers.

Production placements are offered to theatre-makers in specific theatre disciplines including: lighting design, set design and building, sound design and composition, costume design and wardrobe and prop realisation, directing and dramaturgy.

Recipients of placements through the Besen Family Artist Program are provided with a professional mentor within Malthouse Theatre. Depending on the discipline and opportunities available, some placements may be assigned to a particular production whilst others may be offered a more flexible ongoing placement.

What is offered:

  • A bursary of $4,000 equivalent of four weeks’ full-time employment;
  • A senior artist mentor

Mentors will negotiate roles and responsibilities with each of their mentees. Recipients with a disability may be offered additional support to undertake the placement.

As well as production placements, the Besen Family Artist Program also offers a writers’ development program. The writers’ development stream involves a curated program for writers to workshop their written material with other collaborating artists with a focus on developing work for mainstage theatres. This program is by invitation only.


Besen Family Artist Program Report 2005–2015

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