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    22 Feb – 4 Mar

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The Ghost Project

22 FEBRUARY – 4 MARCH 2017




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    22 Feb – 4 Mar

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By The Association of Optimism

As part of Asia TOPA in The Tower at Coopers Malthouse, Southbank, Victoria, Australia.

Part installation, part museum, part story exchange The Ghost Project embarks on a discussion between audience and artists from across the Asia TOPA program to unearth the culturally ubiquitous phenomena of ghosts, spirits and hauntings.

Wander amongst the installations inspired by Tregloan’s investigations or join us at one of the discussion events.

Perhaps the ghosts are real, perhaps they are a conjuring of your mind. It’s a space where, ultimately, all lines are blurry and our imagination is as fearsome as reality.



Join us for a series of intimate conversations featuring artists from across the Asia TOPA program. Limited to only 40 audience members, these discussions are a chance to participate and share your stories a fascinating and sometimes chilling series of discussions.


Wednesday 22 February, 7pm

Imagined traces and ghosts of our making with Priya Srinivassen and Tzu Ho Nyen

Ho Tzu Nyen is a renowned multimedia artists from Singapore, in Melbourne collaborating with Melbourne based Chunky Move  on  ANTI_GRAVITY  as part of AsiaTOPA. Tzu and Anna Tregloan will be joined by Dr. Priya Srinivasen who is presenting several works as part of AsiaTOPA; these include the  spectacular JLF Melbourne Opening Night Gala, workshops and round table at Dancehouse, curating Asian Arts in Australia: Long Pasts and Possible Futures.  She will also be performer and choreographer in Traces of Becoming at the Immigration Museum.


Saturday 25 February, 7pm

A story exchange on ghosts and haunting with Anna Tregloan

One of the many, many things that Anna Tregloan has discovered over the seven year history of the The Ghost Project is that although ghosts are sometimes considered a remnant of a less cynical age; ghostly encounters, sightings and a belief in ghosts is remarkably common. Join Anna and guests for a personal tour and discussion around The Ghost Project.  Hear first hand the experiences and stories that have built the project; learn a bit more about ghosts and hauntings or bring your own story or experience to share.


Monday 27 February, 9pm

Dancing With Death with Pichet Klunchen

For this very special late night session we are thrilled to be welcoming Pichet Klunchun, renowned Thai choreographer into a discussion about his work Dancing with Death which will feature in AsiaTOPA from the 2-6th of March. Pichet Klunchun bridges traditional Thai Classical Dance language with contemporary sensibility, while keeping the heart and wisdom of the convention. 


Wednesday 1 March, 7pm

Indonesian Ghosts on and off line with Tito Ambro

Tito Ambyo is a writer, journalist and an Associate Lecturer at RMIT School of Media and Communication. His current research  project collects and explores digital and on-line ghost stories and investigates communities of ghost photographers, horror story bloggers and horror video game makers in Indonesia. Tito has also been contributing his insights into a selection of frightening Indonesian Ghosts to the AsiaTOPA blog.


Saturday 4 March, 7pm

An incomplete story.  Ghostly Tellings.

The stories that become unearthed and exchanged at each outing of The Ghost Project are as magnificent as they are numerous; it is a fascinating aspect to the project and over the ten days that The Ghost Project is open in The Tower the public is encouraged to share their own ghostly experiences with the Exhibition Hosts who include the actor and writer Caroline Lee, theatre maker Felix Chin Chin Ho and artist Anna Tregloan.   

On the final day of the exhibition this talented group will recount the tales they have heard. 

Join us for other worldly tales in this continuation of the ghost story's rich oral history.

Exhibition Open Hours

Weekdays / 7pm – 10pm
Saturday / 2pm – 10pm
Sunday / Closed

6pm, Wednesday 22 February 2017

7pm, Wednesday 22 February 2017
7pm, Saturday 25 February 2017
7pm, Monday 27 February 2017
7pm, Wednesday 1 March 2017
7pm, Saturday 4 March 2017

Exhibition Ticket Prices

General Admission / Free (or pay as you feel at door)

Standard / $23
Concession / $17

Production partners and supporters

By The Association of Optimism. Supported by The Australia Council for the Arts and Creatve Victoria.

Key Image Credit / “Sufficiently Breathless #2” & “Smoke and Mirrors #1” from THE GHOST PROJECT: Seoul. Artist: Anna Tregloan”.